What's My Crime 2: Bad Girls Edition

Welcome to the second installment of What's My Crime?, a contest wherein you, dear Hair Balls reader, get to try to match a mugshot to a crime.

We're changing things up a little this time around. First, we've shortened the list from ten mugs to five.

We're also including a sixth question, a bonus if you will, in which you are tasked with filling in the blank rather than matching from a list.

And thirdly, like many an episode of that wonderful pioneering reality/travel show Cops, we've themed this week's edition -- we're bringing you six of the baddest fugitive babes in all of Texas.

A. This time around, she's wanted for felony criminal mischief, but this tough cookie's smorgasbord of a criminal record also includes assault, unauthorized use of a motor vehicle, verbal harassment, and multiple forgery cases.
B. A Houston native, she's wanted by the DEA in connection with an alleged San Antonio-based drug conspiracy.
C. Accused of leaving her infant child at home alone while she went on shoplifting spree in Heights-area HEB.
D. Convicted of sexually assaulting a 13-year-old Katy boy.
E. Alleged to have stolen one car from the parking lot of a Beaumont mall and driven it to a nearby Valero. Once she switched off the car's ignition, she and her accomplice couldn't get the car started again, so she decided to try to steal another. She is said to have sprayed a woman in the face with an unknown chemical in order to seize the keys, but the would-be victim still managed to overcome this assailant. 

Answers below (no peeking!)

(Answer key: 1. D; 2. C; 3. E.; 4. B; 5. A)

Bonus question: By the looks of it, this young lady has had it with your shenanigans. But what did this 17-year-old Astros fan (and / or Houstone Tango Blast affiliate) do to land herself in jail? (The first person with the right answer gets a copy of my guidebook to Houston-area dive bars, which might help you might meet one of these ladies in person.)

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.