What's My Crime: Match The Mug Shot To The Misdeed

To paraphrase Shakespeare's Macbeth, "Your face, my thug, is as an open book, where men may read strange matters."

We got to wondering how much you could tell about someone by just looking at their mugshot, so we pieced together this photo array of ten men and women, all of whom are wanted by the law in Harris or Montgomery County.

Each one of them is being sought in connection with a different criminal charge. Can you tell who (allegedly) did what just by looking at their faces and trying to match them with the list of charges, in this, our inaugural installment of What's My Crime?

A) Aggravated robbery with a deadly weapon Details: Living up to her bad-girl first name, she allegedly hollered "Just kill her!" as her accomplice held an icepick to throat of struggling victim in a North Freeway parking lot robbery this past March.

B) Aggravated rape with a deadly weapon, failure to register as a sex offender. Details: An American Indian, originally from Oklahoma, by way of California and last seen in Spring. His record in Texas and those two states also includes arrests for drunk driving, disturbing the peace, vandalism, vehicle theft, assault with a deadly weapon, robbery and rape with a deadly weapon.

C) Injury to a child / elderly / disabled Details: Last known address was in the Cleveland, Texas area. Somehow we don't think it's Pilates that gave her that physique.

D) Aggravated sexual assault, aggravated robbery Details: During an armed home invasion in the Humble area this past March, police say this Shoe Bomber lookalike forced an 18-year-old victim to perform oral sex on him while his accomplices ransacked the place.

E) Aggravated sexual assault of a child Details: Would break into home of seven-year-old girl while her mother was away and rape her; told girl that he would kill her and her mother if she ever told authorities.

F) Sexual assault Details: He was living with a family member and his fiancee, and one night the fiancee awoke to find this man sexually assaulting her. He dropped to the floor and attempted to crawl away undetected when he realized she was awake, but as the suspect is 6'1" and 270 pounds -- not to mention sporting a purple Mohawk at the time -- it was easier said than done. And yet, he has managed to hide in plain sight ever since. Police say he is probably still in the area, possibly driving his 2008 Mitsubishi Lancer with vanity plates that practically spell his last name. Must have taken a few invisibility pointers from the XXXL Bandit.

G) Felony theft Details: While working as the assistant manager at a low-income apartment complex, allegedly stole $50,000 in rent money. Caught and fired, whereupon she got a job at another complex and allegedly did the same thing again. Right now she is under indictment for the offense at the first complex and under investigation for the second.

H) Possession of a controlled substance Details: She skipped a court date for a drug bust -- and though the exact drug is not specified, for some reason we wonder if it might have been...oh I don't know...just a wild guess here...Meth?

I) Aggravated robbery of an elderly person Details: Asked an 85-year-old man for a ride at a Northside Fiesta Mart and then helped an accomplice car-jack the victim.

J) Murder Details: Shot 21-year-old ex-girlfriend and her 28-year-old boyfriend as they left the ironically-named Love of the 1970s Cafe on Wilcrest last August. The man survived; the ex-girlfriend did not.

Answers after the jump...

Answer Key

1. D 2. F 3. E 4. H 5. I 6. G 7. J 8. C 9. A 10. B

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