What’s the Deal with You Carlos Beltran Haters?

I’ve tried to understand the hated of Carlos Beltran, and frankly, I just don’t get it. So I’m writing today in hopes that one of you morons who boo Beltran every time he makes a play or comes up the plate will explain your hatred to me. Please, I really want an answer.

Tell me, why do you boo him, but not Jeff Kent? Jeff Kent also left the Astros after the 2004 season, and he too left to sign a better free agent contract for money. But I don’t hear him booed whenever the Dodgers play the Astros. Why isn’t he treated with the hatred and contempt of Beltran? Hell, the guy played here for two seasons; Beltran wasn’t even here for an entire season. So where’s the hatred? Is it because Jeff Kent is a white guy?

No, it can’t be a racial thing because you people seemingly adore Miguel Tejada, and he’s a steroids-abuser who lied to the Feds about his name and age and is currently under Justice Department investigation for lying to Congress. And Beltran’s a far superior player to Tejada. Yet Tejada is adored and Beltran is hated. And you people love Carlos Lee, and he hustles only when it’s time to get to the postgame buffet or when some cattle is for sale. And once again, Beltran is far, far superior to Lee as a player. So that leads me to believe the Beltran hatred is not a racial thing.

So what is it then?

Why isn’t Randy Johnson treated with this same hatred and contempt? He arrived at the trading deadline in 1998, and he left as a free agent as soon as the season ended. But you fans don’t boo him whenever the Diamondbacks come to town. In fact, he’s still treated with a degree of respect for helping the Astros to make the playoffs in 1998. But the Astros might not have made the playoffs in 2004, or come within a game of making the 2004 World Series, if not for Beltran.

So why the double standard?

I don’t get it. I really don’t.

So someone, please, explain this to me. Why do you hate Carlos Beltran so damn much? And please don’t tell me it’s because he left this team to get more money because that’s what Jeff Kent and Randy Johnson did, and it’s what any of you would do if given the same chance.

But I’m guessing you won’t tell me because you don’t have a reason. There is no reason to boo Carlos Beltran. It’s just a bunch of morons acting like idiots. And if anyone’s got a better reason than that, I’d really like to hear it. – John Royal

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