But will it be an endless summer?

What's Unacceptable?

Houston Independent School District Superintendent Abe Saavedra is experiencing an increasingly bumpy ride with his trustees and parents. You know it's serious when people are willing to stand out in the hot summer sun to carp. Wednesday that included HISD trustee Kevin Hoffman and State Rep. Harold Dutton standing up to Saavedra's plan to probably possibly shut down Kashmere and Sam Houston high schools and McReynolds Middle School.

It's always great when politicians and parents can rally after a school has been sinking like a stone for years. These schools suck fall below state standards. The two high schools have failed been at the bottom of the Texas Education Agency's rating system for four years. The middle school has failed been the lowest of the low for three years.

So what are these fine people fighting to save? It's the same old same old. My grandparents and my aunt and uncle went here. Never mind that the academics are in the toilet. We have to keep the tradition alive. Why haven't these people been rallying every weekend until HISD moves in better teachers, better programs? Now it's just finger-pointing and public posturing; the would-be saviors say HISD kissed off these schools years ago with nothing but neglect. HISD officials say not true, we've tried our darnedest, enough is enough.

School restarts in a little more than a week in HISD. Nothing like starting the new year with a pep rally. -- Margaret Downing

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