When BBB Complaints Go Wrong

An aggrieved party filed a complaint with the Houston Better Business Bureau recently. It's sadly familiar, to some black people trying to get into clubs around here:

The bouncer that gives out ID for your drinks stopped us in the line and told us we could not get in because we were black and black people could not get in 0n Saturday and that we had to leave and come back on Sunday when black people could get in. He then said and I quote" don't you hear the music this is not black people music and you need to leave" end quote. I could not believe what I was just told.

We won't print the name of the club at the moment, since we're trying to give them a chance to respond. At any rate, it's not an uncommon complant no matter the club.

We sympathized with the complainant, until we got to the part of the BBB form where it listed what his "desired outcome" would be.

It was simple: A "formal apology and 100,000 in cash."

That must have been one rude doorman.

-- Richard Connelly

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