When Children's Festivals Go Very, Very Wrong

Say you’re the organizer of a children’s festival. Say one of your volunteers, um, volunteers that he is a registered sex offender.


the festival. What do you do? If you’re Community and Children’s Impact Center founder Brenda Myers, nothing.

“He said he had been in jail before, but it was not for anything serious. I guess I should have asked more about it,” Myers told the Cleveland Advocate.

“He told us he was not a pedophile but was a registered sex offender.” Actually, the man Myers allowed to remain at the fest had sexually assaulted a 13-year-old girl.

That wasn’t the only incident at the Texas Children’s Music Festival July 19.

Myers told the Advocate that someone made off with $5,000 of the festival’s money from raffle and concession sales. Security was supposed to by provided by the Cleveland Police Department, but a storm and an airplane crash took them away from the festival.

There were also reports of “inebriated singers.”

Myers posted a comment on the Advocate story about the theft. She wanted to remind the public about the thousands of hours of unpaid work she put into the festival and ask people to focus on the good that came of the event.

“We should be thanking T-Cup The Clown, Judge Reynolds & Kenneth Ginn with Gideons for giving away free bibles to our children,” the comment points out.

And don’t forget the four-wheeler. “We gave a $8000.00 4-wheeler away to a man that is single racing 2 daughter alone.” (We all know how hard it is to single-race children.)

May we be the first to give T-Cup The Clown the recognition he deserves?

Cathy Matusow

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.