When Feng Shui Gets Even More Sillier Than Usual

The folks at Swamplot have uncovered the story behind the turd-looking rock standing in front of the BNIM Architects office on Main Street south of the Southwest Freeway.

It's all about the feng shui, that mystical combination of expensive interior design and ancient, storied Chinese principles of getting you to spend more on interior design.

A leasing agent tells Swamplot (which has more pictures of the thing, check them out) that a Feng Shui master was brought in to deal with the pressing problem of a nearby dead-end street.

"Well, Wichita St. ends across the street, shooting all sorts of negative T-junction Feng Shui energy straight at the building," is Swamplot's guess at the reasoning, based on academic studies of how ancient Chinese dealt with urban streets and architect's offices, we're sure.

To stop the feng shui disaster that was threatening -- what? Bad vibes? -- a rock was purchased from San Jacinto Stone and placed in front of the entrance.

Problem solved. Hilariously.

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