When It Comes to STDs, Houston is Apparently Not That Bad

The best way to deter people from moving to Austin, or any city, might just be to release that city's STD rate. Better yet, move to Houston! It has the lowest percentage of people with STDs of all four major Texas cities—although we're not quite sure that's something to brag about.

RentApplication.com recently did a study to find out what the top 100 most sexually diseased cities in the country were, releasing statistics for all counties that reported rates higher than 290 per 100,000 people. Nine Texas cities made that list, with Killeen (home of Ft. Hood military base) leading them all in the No. 9 spot, reporting 4,887 sexually diseased citizens at a rate of 1,512 per 100,000 people. Houston—or Austin, for that matter—did not crack that top 100, thankfully, and neither did Dallas. San Antonio was Texas's worst big-city offender at No. 97, with 15,193 reported STDs at a rate of 850 per 100,000 people.

Following is a list of all Texas cities that made the top 100.

No. 99 Huntsville: 580; 851 per 100,000 people
No. 97 San Antonio: 15,193; 850 per 100,000
No. 81 Lubbock: 2,545; 891 per 100,000
No. 78 Waco: 2,179; 913 per 100,000
No. 72 Odessa: 1,365; 946 per 100,000
No. 63 Corpus Christi: 3,395; 976 per 100,000
No. 42 Longview: 1,286; 1,048 per 100,000
No. 14 Amarillo: 1,701; 1,390 per 100,000
No. 9 Killeen: 4,887; 1,512 per 100,000 

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