Where Credit's Due

It's always fun to see a local story make national news. And it always sucks when the local journalist who broke the news isn't properly credited.

It happens all the time, but that doesn't lessen the sting.

Scott Henson is the Austin-based blogger of Grits for Breakfast. Back in February, Henson posted his own public policy report based on a months-long investigation involving hundreds of open-records requests. Henson revealed that district and county attorneys across Texas were flaunting a new state law by prosecuting motorists who carried unlicensed weapons in their vehicles. Henson's report prompted a story by reporter Ralph Blumenthal in today's New York Times, which features a Katy resident who got busted.

Sure, Henson is cited ten paragraphs into the NYT story, but only as a "civil liberties advocate and blogger." Why not name the blog so interested readers can track down Henson's report and start to follow, if they don't already, what is probably the finest coverage of the state's criminal justice system?

Henson whines about the snub in a recent post, writing, "Blumenthal called me a 'blogger' in the story, but didn't name the blog! Come on, Ralphie, where's the love?"

Well, here is some:

Grits for Breakfast! Grits for Breakfast! Grits for Breakfast!

- Todd Spivak

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.