Where in the World Is Sheila Jackson-Lee?

This just in: Adding just that one more special thing that the mystery illness situation at Key Middle School really needed – we’ve just received a rather desperate message from Terry Abbott, spokesman for the Houston Independent School District.

It seems that rumors, and perhaps the congresswoman known for her propensity for being everywhere all the time, have spooked the district a bit. That and until Jackson-Lee entered the scene by touring the middle school the other day, HISD had pretty well dug in its heels denying that there was any need to move teachers or students out of the middle school – no matter how many ambulance trips there were carting out teachers who said the school was making them sick.

Abbott’s missive:

Folks, we had contacts from members of the media telling us that Congresswoman Lee is touring, or planning to tour, the vacant Ryan Elementary today. While we are always pleased to have the Congresswoman at our buildings, even vacant ones, you should know that we are NOT moving Key Middle School students to the vacant Ryan Elementary school building. We are preparing right now to inform parents of where the children WILL be relocated. As soon as we inform those parents by telephone, we will notify the media, but it's important first for us to talk to the parents. But again, Ryan Elementary will NOT be used. --Terry Abbott

Calls to Congresswoman’s Jackson-Lee’s Houston office were referred to her Washington, D.C. office where Lee’s press secretary was said to be tied up in a meeting. Back to you later today if we locate the congresswoman and find out just why she’s touring the vacant school. Or if we can answer the burning question: is the mold making them sick at Key MS or is this all mass hysteria? -- Margaret Downing

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.