Where Some Of Those Astroworld Rides Went

October, for some nostalgic people, brings the thought of Fright Nights at Six Flags Astroworld.

Those days are no more, of course. The park was demolished a couple of years ago.

But Astroworld lingers on in many a Houstonian's mind: they're still pumping out fond looks back at the place. There's one in the latest postings of the Thrill Network website, but this one has an extra bonus: We find out what actually happened to some of those Astroworld rides.

Sadly, The Viper and its serpentine tunnel were both scrapped in 2005, although its trains were transported to Six Flags over Georgia. Likewise, the giant-faced pyramid structure of the Mayan Mindbender was purchased by a diving park in Clute, TX along with the space ship shell of the Intamin Looping Starship, but the roller coaster itself was purchased by Wonderland Amusement Park, in Lubbock, TX. Thunder River, the idea of the respected AstroWorld General Manager Bill Crandall, became known throughout the amusement history, as the ride was the world’s first river rapids ride and soon became an amusement park staple. Thunder River’s course was demolished, and the boats were either scrapped or moved into storage for spare parts.

Sadder end: scarpped for spare parts, or a "diving park" in Clute? You decide.

-- Richard Connelly

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.