Where to Meet a Houston Millionaire

Of all the cities in all the countries in all the world, Houston is attracting the most millionaires. Houston's millionaire population swelled 9.6% in just one year, according to Forbes. There are now 96,700 millionaires living in our city.

Of course, the majority are dudes. So ladies and gay men, if you're looking to get in on that seven-figure action, you're in the right spot. But where are all these millionaires hiding?

Where the Oil Rigs Are Of course, the main source of these millionaires is oil. They're practically dripping in it. But when the moguls go out to play, they don't go just anywhere. It has to end in "Club."

Try the Petroleum Club, located on the 43rd floor of the ExxonMobil building. Yes, it's invitation only, but if you can sneak past the receptionist, you'll find plenty of millionaires (albeit, many will be geriatric).

Also good: The Houston Club, which throws an event described as "heavyweight black tie boxing." We imagine there's a lot of monocle-removing and glove-slapping involved. And if you're kicked out of the Clubs, there's always Marfreless. Slip a millionaire your number while his hooker's in the bathroom.

Where You're Too Poor to Dine

But you're not too poor to loiter, right? Local matchmaker Nina Friedman has plenty of experience picking up rich men for her clients. She frequents fancy restaurants near the Galleria, like Sullivan's. "I just walk up to a man who's well dressed and doesn't have a ring on his finger and ask him if he's married," she says.

Friedman doesn't approve of such blatant golddiggery as we're proposing here. "I don't think that's what it's about," she says. But her tactic could work for you. Strap on something fancy, head to the restaurant bar and quietly order a water. When you meet the millionaire of your dreams, he'll be impressed that you drink vodka on the rocks.

Where You'll Lie About How You Met The Internet is a wonderful place to meet men. Friedman uses Craigslist frequently to corral prospective matches. "People freak out that that's a tool I use, but my perspective is you have to cast your net everywhere," she said. It worked for Friedman: She met her husband when he responded to her Craigslist ad, and he's the director of pediatric cardiology fellowships at Texas Children's Hospital.

Lots of Web sites exist to help you find your old man moneybags. Check out DateAMillionaire.com, SugarDaddie.com, or MillionaireMatch.com, where Charlie Sheen held an account for a while.

Where You Won't Get Oil-Slicked Has the thought of oil-doused porpoises forever turned you off to seven-figured supermajors? Then you should probably opt for a doctor.

Short of becoming a nurse, you have a few options. "You'd need to hang out where doctors hang out," said matchmaker Friedman. Cancer, heart disease, diabetes -- hit up all the ailing body part fundraisers.

Friedman also suggests meeting young docs under less medical circumstances. "Younger doctors are active," she said. "They're probably running at Memorial Park."

If you are neither a nurse nor a benefit-goer nor an athlete, hit up the bars near the Medical Center around 6 a.m., when many docs end their shifts and are probably eager to see women in something besides hospital gowns.

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