While You Weren't Tweeting: Now With More Harry Potter

C'mon, 'fess up. You spent early last week camped out in front of the Angelika in your Hogwarts uniform, awaiting the arrival of the new Harry Potter movie in theatres. Then you spent the rest of the week basking in the afterglow of Daniel Radcliffe's smoldering gaze, and engaging in heated discussions online of how the movie deviated wildly from the book, didn't you? Yup. 'Fraid you've been caught.

But while you were geekin', the magical technosphere was in dire need of some witchcraft of its own, it seems. Idle hands are Lord Voldemort's plaything, and Twitter found that out last week the hard way. If you ever wondered how Twitter makes money, or exactly how Twitter plans to kill Facebook in the near future, never fear -- a hacker siphoned some 310 confidential Twitter documents and sent them 'round, just to prove he did. Too bad Twitter didn't have a Dementor or two to sling back.

Mashable's Ben Parr went all Lucius Malfoy when he declared that Internet Explorer 6 (IE6) must suffer a fate worse than death. But with its lack of support for the most popular design code on the web (Cascading Style Sheets, or CSS), its inability to correctly display particular image formats, and the fact that Digg, Facebook, and YouTube are cutting back IE6 support, Parr's argument made clear that IE6 ain't no Chosen One. Death Eaters, sic 'em.

With the 40th anniversary looming nigh, a group of the most dedicated conspiracy theorists on the planet conjured the Dark Mark to question the validity of the infamous Apollo 11 moon landing video. Unfortunately, these staunch proponents still don't have any real evidence or proof, save that they "know the moon landings were fake." Convincing. The Daily Prophet, err, CNN thought this was news.

And wouldn't you know, eh, those crazy Muggles in Canada decided that hey, Facebook? Well, it keeps way too much cyber dirt on its citizens. So the Canadian Internet Policy and Public Interest Clinic filed a complaint against Facebook. Yo Facebook, what up; it's Canada! Who's skeerd now? Looks like all that butterbeer has gone straight to their maple-leaf-lovin' heads, eh?

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.