While You Weren't Tweeting: What, No More ACL?!

Whether you helped rip Zilker Park to shreds or you simply groaned inwardly (and rolled your eyes outwardly) every time someone gushed about Them Crooked Vultures, everyone's got their own brand of ACL war story to propagate. But since we know that you suckers actually ruined your Ferragamos just to get a glimpse of Eddie Vedder without a cell tower to tweet of, it's about time you return to the 21st century and find out what you missed on the internets. 'Cause no amount of Torchy's or Hut's can make up for the fact that rollin' back into work today is hurtin' real bad.

  • Are you blogging for tricks? 'Fess up or pay up. The Federal Trade Commission, in yet another unprecedented move to stir the pot amongst bloggers, decreed that writing blogposts or reviews for money or free shit will getcha slapped with an $11,000 fine if you don't say so. Although seemingly targeting celebrities that abuse their endorsements, mommybloggers feelin' the sting top the ranks. Wait, wait - could that lead to less mommyblogging?! That would be a damn shame. A damn shame indeed.
  • Surf's up, and if you're lucky, you've caught the Wave. The first round of Google Wave invites went out with the tide, and man, you don't have one, do you? Too bad. But never you fear. The Chosen Ones are willing and able to throw in your face that you're missing the most awesome technological advancement since ribbed condoms.
  • Social media, you're the NBA's technical foul. The NBA, while it didn't take any of our suggestions when it developed its social media policy (bastards), did come out with a snappy lil' version of its own: no cell usage whatsoever. In a league memo, the NBA said, "The use of cell phones, PDAs and other electronic communications devices -- and thus accessing Twitter, Facebook and similar social media sites -- is now prohibited during games for players, coaches and other team personnel involved in the game." Guess you'll never know the extent of Dikembe Mutombo's jock itch now. Bummer.
  • Looking for Anne Frank? She's on YouTube. Anne Frank. On YouTube. Yes, that Anne Frank. You can pick your jaw up off the floor now.

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