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Whipping Judge William Adams: Daughter & Wife Go on Today Show

The daughter who was whipped by

Aransas County judge William Adams

and caused an internet sensation by posting the


to YouTube took to the


show to tell her story. Her mother, now, Adams's ex-wife -- who also whipped her daughter with a belt in the video -- accompanied her.

The daughter, Hillary Adams, told Matt Lauer she hoped the video would cause her father to seek help.

"I think (my father) has been punished enough just by seeing this go public like this, and I think he just really needs help and rehabilitation," she said. "I regret that some of my friends and some people close to me have kind of had trouble with this, and, of course, I regret that it's my own father. I'm having very mixed feelings about that, but at the same time people are telling me that I did the right thing, so there have been definitely different emotions.''

Hallie Adams, the mother, said her ex-husband had "brainwashed" her.

"I lived in an environment of dysfunction, and it steadily got worse,'' Hallie said. "I was completely brainwashed and controlled. I did every single thing that he did. When I leave the room, he's telling me what to say, what to do.''

She also mentioned Adams's "addiction" to something, saying it was "a family secret."

Adams, according to a rough closed-captioning transcript of the show, had this to say to a TV reporter (again, it's a rough transcript):

Adams: No, in my mind i haven't done anything wrong other than discipline my child after she was caught stealing and i did lose my temper but i've since apologized. it looks worse than it is. there is a story. it'll come out in due time . okay?

[reporter]and it's because she downloaded a game onto your computer?

Adams: No. she was stealing -- i don't want to get into it. okay? but there was a reason she was being disciplined.

Here's the judge on tape talking to KZTV (Warning: It includes excerpts from the very disturbing tape; you might want to fast-forward to the 3:35 mark):

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