Whitney Casey, Giving It All Up For You

Whitney Casey is fast turning into the gift that keeps on giving.

We got an e-mail blast from "her people" today, touting the new book by the Houston Chronicle columnist and former Great Day Houston host.

"Relationships expert Whitney Casey, who has dated Lance Armstrong and Rocco DiSpirito, and was married to Jason Sehorn, has a new book out today!" it said.

Wow. Bona fides have been established.

We then learned many other things about her today. First, via the Chron's "reader representative," the fact that the crazy collection of glamour shots that adorn her column  is not her idea at all, but rather it was forced on her by Chron assistant deputy managing editor Kyrie O'Connor. We can only imagine the brow-beating that had to occur before Casey gave in.

(The Chron, you'll remember, did a glowing profile of Casey when her column appeared, noting how she "reveres the written word.")

We also learned far too much about her sex life, via her appearance on the Howard Stern show.

From the recap by the obsessive Stern fan site MarksFriggin we learn that Casey:

a) gave blow jobs and hand jobs to Sehorn before they were married, but never went all the way. (According to the recap: "Howard took a call from a guy who said that Jason must have been a fag not to have banged this chick in 6 years.")

b) She hasn't gotten laid since July; she uses a vibrator "but not every night."

c) "Howard asked Whitney if she's ever completely shaved herself. She said that she never has. She said that she just has a little patch on the playing field." (Sometimes it's hard to tell if this is Howard Stern or C-SPAN's Brian Lamb doing the interview.)

d) From the recap: "One of her rules is for women to wash their vaginas. She says that anything you eat that's stinky could make it smell down there. Whitney said she learned about the swipe test that guys do to figure out if it stinks down there. Whitney said that there are some feminine wipes that women can use to get rid of the smell down there too. Whitney said she has a story in the book about a woman who gets toilet paper stuck up there and the guy gets totally turned off by it."

e) Most amazingly, we learned there is a question Casey won't answer: Whether she swallows or not in the course of giving a blow job.

We'll have to wait until she's hawking her next book, we guess.

-- Richard Connelly

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.