Whitney: Unfunniest Show Ever?

For a while now, NFL games and websites have been cluttered with ads for Whitney, a new sitcom starring an apparently wacky young comedienne who was -- wait for it -- edgy, oh so edgy, that she would blow your socks off.

The star, Whitney Cummings, is pretty, but we guess she is not what studio executives count as sexy so she was presented as this outspoken girl-next-door type who was just so outrageous it was a laff riot.

We're not one of these people who say we never watch TV, but we don't see a lot of sticoms. So last week, when the Thursday night football game was a bit less than enthralling, we checked out what was supposed to be worth all the hype and ads and ain't-she-something tidal wave of promotion.

And, well, we're baffled.

We swear we were not sitting there with our arms crossed daring the show to make us laugh, but good christ there wasn't a chuckle to be had.

Whitney wanted her longtime boyfriend to take her on a first date because -- so edgy!! -- their actual first date consisted of a drunken hook-up.

Okay, we guess, but what ensued could have been the result of any zany-female sitcom from the last 20 years.

The man doesn't woo properly!!! The woman makes supposedly hilariously inept attempts to attract him!! You're killing me.

But, she has sardonic women friends who make apparently clever remarks about relationships. So there's that, if you like belabored "insights" into how men and women are different.

Nothing against this show -- it's probably no better or worse than anything else in sitcom-land these days -- but could it please stop throwing itself into our football games and webpages?


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