Who Won the Obama Scramble?

Barack Obama is coming to town July 31 to hit up River Oaks and Memorial for cash.

There will be two events: one, of course, at Becca Cason Thrash's mansion, because the law of the River Oaks-Memorial jungle dictates that there is no way in fucking hell that she would have allowed anyone else to outshine her when it comes to riding this hot star's rocket.

As for the other, the assumption was it would be among one of the many local trial lawyers supporting Obama, but who won out?

Houston's trial lawyers include a ton of Obama supporters, including people who are "bundlers" -- those pledged to hit up enough big-bucks individuals to assure a huge donation.

According to this list, the Houston lawyers pledging to bundle at least $50,000 include such big names as Philip Hilder, Neal Manne and Richard Mithoff.

So who got the hosting gig?


Mithoff is one of the best lawyers in town, as it turns out, and an honest, ethical guy. And we're not just saying that so we will continue to get invites to his legendary Christmas parties at La Colombe D'Or, either.

We think.

-- Richard Connelly

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