Who You Calling Trash?

We were watching the news last night when local news superstar Shern-Min Chow

filed a report

on a federal court ruling that ups restrictions on sexually oriented businesses. We'll have more on that later, but at the moment we've got a beef with the wording of Chow's dispatch.

As the report began, she said, "You know the saying: One man's trash is another man's treasure," and the camera panned to the front of Treasure's, followed by shots of strippers walking near the club. Chow was making a pun on the name of the establishment, but since when is it okay to refer to another human being as trash? Strippers might not be the most upstanding women in the community, but they are people. They are daughters and sisters and mothers. They are not trash.

And this from a woman who made her career standing on the seawall during hurricanes, getting all wet and sloppy for the camera? Nothing trashy about that.

You can watch Chow's dispatch here. Be sure to check out the interview with a woman who moved near a couple of strip clubs two weeks ago and now has a problem with the clientele. Apparently she was the best disgruntled resident Chow could find. — Keith Plocek

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