Whole Lotta Shakin' Going On At The Space Station

Whole Lotta Shakin' Going On At The Space Station

Every so often, the International Space Station makes a routine adjustment that involves firing some rockets to adjust the orbit. Usually it creates so small a motion that those on board have been known to sleep through it.

Not on January 14, according to newly released info. The "routine adjustment" that day resulted in two minutes of violent rocking that had to ISS's solar wings swaying "vigourously." And that's not a good thing.

NASA has put off a planned further adjustment until they figure out just what the hell went wrong with the first one.

The Russians say they may have sent up some bad instructions, but there is also a theory that the ISS had built up the same "resonant frequencies" that took down the Tacoma Narros Bridge in the world's most famous bridge-collapse video.

Officials say they've determined there was no major damage to the ISS from the incident.

Still, few things are scarier in space than a sudden rocking of your vehicle, so we're sure there were some memorable moments for the crew.

-- Richard Connelly

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