Who's A Dude Gotta Blow To Rob A Bank Around Here?

If there's one thing that sucks about society these days, it's how you have to wait in line forever before getting any service. Especially if you're trying to rob a bank.

The gentleman pictured above no doubt thinks so. He walked into a Bank of America on the West Sam Houston Parkway yesterday afternoon and handed a note to a teller.

The note, the FBI says, "threatened that someone would get hurt if he didn't get some money."

A reasonable-enough request, if you're a bank robber. Implied in the transaction, one would think, is the covenant that such funds should be delivered in as brief a time as possible, what with silent alarms and such no doubt going off.

Here, the tellers at Bank of America sadly failed.

"Apparently," the FBI says, "the robber got tired of waiting for his cash, and left the bank empty-handed. He was seen getting into a dark colored vehicle of unknown make and model as he fled the scene."

Strong letter to follow to BofA management, no doubt.

FBI special agent Patricia Villafranca tells Hair Balls the wait involved was "several minutes." During which the tellers were no doubt yapping about American Idol or something while this guy is in a hurry, puh-leeeze.

Is it possible the delay was strategic? Villafranca doesn't necessarily think tellers were told to go slow.

"Each bank trains its tellers as to what they want them to do," she said. "This may have just been a delay due to fear and not an intentional delay."

Or it might just have been crummy customer service.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.