Whose Best Interests?

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Evans is hopeful his mother will return home soon. He continues to visit her at Lexington Place almost every day.

But he worries about her resolve. Never before has she appeared so dejected.

For Christmas, Evans always decorates their apartment with lights, tinsel and a six-foot-tall artificial tree and prepares a small feast. This year he sat alone in his darkened bedroom, atop his heating pad, and downed a bacon and egg sandwich on plain white bread.

"I lost the spirit; what can I say, my Christmas spirit just went out the door," he says.

His mother, too, stayed in bed: "For the holiday I did nothing but lie here."

On New Year's Eve mother and son usually stay up late together and toast the season with a glass of bubbly. This year both turned in early.

Hill has anxiously waited to leave Lexington Place since she arrived nearly three months ago. She has waited through several holidays, from Thanksgiving to Martin Luther King Jr. day.

This Wednesday Hill turns 77. She's still waiting.

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Todd Spivak