Why I'd Sleep With The PC Guy Over That Mac Guy Asshole

I think Apple's "Get a Mac" ad campaign is backfiring.  At least for me.

The series of television commercials, which stars a laid back hipster (Justin Long) as the Mac Guy and a pudgy, nerdy schlub (John Hodgman) as the PC Guy, is actually making me hate Macs.  


Well, frankly I find the Mac Guy reminiscent of all those too-cool-for-school hip dudes at bars who talk about how they're way into Jenny Lewis and they want to go to Thailand and have you read David Foster Wallace's posthumous work and blah blah who fucking cares. They show up late when they pick you up to go out, they don't call you the next day, they think they're such hot shit, etc.

The Mac Guy is mean in that casual, popular high school kid way where he's so sure of himself that he doesn't even need to come up with creative insults. He just rolls his eyes at you and laughs until you curl up into a ball and breathe in the pungent scent of your own nerdiness. Not nice.

The PC Guy, in my opinion, seems fiercely loyal, hardworking, and honest. He has a sense of humor about himself despite his shortcomings. He sits there and takes Mac Guy's rudeness and never attacks him despite having every reason to do so.

I'm willing to be that Mac Guy's insistence on being nothing but a jerk to PC Guy is probably a sign that he's not very good in bed and may not even be well-endowed. It's always the assholes who are lousy in the sack. PC Guy's probably a real lover boy if you just give him the chance.

I have a PC now, and while I've always been turned off by the scary Cult of the Macs mentality, I am now most certainly never buying a Mac. Granted, I realize that in these ad campaigns PC Guy is actually being paid a very hefty Mac salary. But still, I'm not doing it on principal alone. So there.

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Jennifer Mathieu
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