Why Notre Dame Will Win The BCS And Texas Won't, Part Ten

This was a tough, tough week for the BCS title hopes of Texas. They played at, what -- 11 in the morning? (Again? What are these guys, some effete "Brunch Bunch"?) They played against some directional Florida school? While Oklahoma was exposing itself as worthless, therefore destroying UT's strength of schedule?

Still, it must be said -- UT plays absolutely crap teams from here on out (as they have from here on in) -- so they may go undefeated. If so, they arguably would be considered for the BCS title game (I believe the proper sportswriting phraseology is that they would "be in the conversation.")

Notre Dame, on the other hand, continued to do what it does best: Blaze trails, do things the way no one else has, refuse to be beholden to hoary convention. Can't win a BCS title with three losses? Just wait and see. No way they'll win a BCS title with a coach who's going to be fired as soon as possible? You doubters make me sick.

ND still has a well-thought-out plan that is falling perfectly into place as they gear up for their BCS title run. How will it happen? As always, five reasons:

1. Receiver Michael Floyd will learn to turn around instead of getting drilled in the back on a goal-line pass. A baby step, to be sure, but a key part of the plan.

2. The FBI is about to bust the Colt McCoy-Jordan Shipley Al-Qaeda cell. They could have done it last week, but FBI director Robert Mueller had the Longhorns and the points against UCF.

3. This happens. Everywhere but South Bend. (Touchdown Jesus stops the waters.)

3. The NCAA announces it has been cleverly using the "rope-a-dope" tactic all this time, and comes down hard -- effective immediately -- on recruiting violations, academic scandals and pathetic graduation rates. Sure, Navy would be favored over ND in the title-game rematch, but remember -- Michael Floyd will have learned to look at the quarterback by then.

4. This happens. Everywhere but South Bend. (Dammit, we're running out of Roland Emmerich movies.)

5. Ummm.....everywhere but South Bend?

Thank you, Roland. Couldn't have done it without you.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.