Montana: He's back!! Kinda

Why Notre Dame Will Win The BCS And UT Won't, 2010 Edition: Part 3

Time for another of our

weekly efforts

at explaining to you benighted Longhorn fans why UT won't win the BCS this year, but Notre Dame will.

It's going to be difficult to limit the discussion to just the traditional five reasons, but ND fans are all about tradition. So let's get cracking!!

1. UT struggled against Wyoming
We can almost see struggling against Rice, like UT did in its opener. Rice, after all, went on to squeak by North Texas in Week Two, so obviously they've got some weapons.

But Wyoming? Struggling against the whatever-their-nickname-is? Sure, Longhorns, you play a Big 12 schedule, so it's mostly Cupcake Central, but at some point you're going to have to play like you mean it.

2. ND got its loss out of the way early.
We realize we've said this in each of the years we've produced this feature, and it hasn't yet resulted in a BCS for the Irish, but the trick is to just lose the one game. Former head coach Charlie Weis never seemed to grasp this concept. Oh sure, he had the lose-early aspect of it down pat; not too many people could fault him on that. But then he just seemed to keep losing. We're confident Brian Kelly has determined a different approach is needed.

3. Denard Robinson is going to win the Heisman.
No shame in losing to an epic performance by a player who will go on to have many more epic performances this season. If he survives running the ball 25 times a game, which we kind of doubt. Although he did survive it against ND.

4. Montana is back at quarterback for the Irish.
Unfortunately, it was Nate Montana, not Joe, who filled in after first-string QB Dayne Crist went down. And we think Joe might have done better, even though he's 54 years old. If the commercials about those new sneakers are to believed, at least.

5. There's NO WAY the Irish will lose to Michigan State, even though it's a night road game that is MSU's Super Bowl.
Right? RIght?

(Note: Due to budgetary constraints, this might be the last installation of this feature in 2010.)

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