Why Should We Trust Richard Justice?

I wonder, do the guys at the Chron ever talk with each other? Do they compare notes at anytime? I’m not talking about using the same facts to draw differing opinions, I’m talking about having entirely different facts for the same story.

Today’s example is courtesy of Richard Justice and Jesus Ortiz, and the subject is Jason Jennings.

For those who missed the good news, Hunter Pence has returned from the disabled list. Replacing Pence on the DL is Jason Jennings, who’s having season-ending surgery to repair a torn-flexor tendon in his right elbow.

As is known, Jennings has been having trouble with his elbow all season. Hell, he’s been having elbow trouble since last season. One of the reasons the Astros didn’t resign Andy Pettitte was because the team was concerned with Pettitte’s elbow. So the team traded for Jennings instead.

Jennings and his screwed up elbow.

Here’s where I get to the Justice/Ortiz matter.

Justice wants to resign Jennings for next season and to give him a spot in the rotation. And Justice goes on to write that while Tim Purpura may be criticized for making this trade, he can’t be faulted for not knowing about Jennings injury because he did his due diligence (I’ll get into what this says about Purpura later). He says that there was a complete exchange of information and that the Rockies didn’t hide anything from the Astros. Jesus Ortiz disagrees about the due diligence. He writes that the Astros didn’t do the proper research on Jennings and his injury.

Now, I hate to admit this, but I’ve got to go with Ortiz on this matter. Especially since Purpura refuses to confirm the team ever reviewed Jennings’ x-rays.

Ortiz actually makes an attempt to put some facts in a story – there must have been some kind of screw-up there. Justice just writes that there was a complete exchange of information, but he provides no facts to support this. We’re just supposed to trust him on this matter.

I don’t trust the guys at the Chron.

And finally, I’m curious about this: if Purpura did do his due diligence, then just what the heck was he doing by making this trade? You’re worried about Pettitte’s elbow, but replace him with someone else with elbow problems?

Oh, and for what it’s worth. The Astros lost. Again. This time by a score of 11-6. Wandy Rodriguez, who normally pitches well at MMP, got his butt kicked, pitching 5.1 innings while giving up six hits and seven earned runs.

The Astros take on the Nationals again tonight. Let’s see if things change any. – John Royal

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