Why Yes, That Is A Used Condom Near The Harris County Criminal Courthouse Elevator (Photo SFW, If Unappetizing)

Stephanie Stradley, a Houston criminal-defense lawyer who's probably better known for her incisive Texans Chick football blog in the Houston Chronicle, is starting another blog.

The second blog is more law-related and, as she tweeted, "OK, I swear my new additional side blog stradleylaw.com/blog/ isn't just OMG posts. Sometimes OMG happens tho".

Does it ever.

Look, we all know things can get boring at criminal court, whether you're a juror, lawyer, reporter or sex-crazed defendant.

Especially if you're a sex-crazed defendant, apparently.

Stradley's husband sent her the following photo from near a courthouse elevator:

Now, the elevators are notorious for taking a long, long time to get to your floor, but usually you're not waiting alone. And they take so long that you're usually never alone on them, once one finally arrives.

So kudos to the gentleman not only for pulling off a quickie, but also for using protection. And, we guess, for sending a pro-condom message to everyone else using the elevator.

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Richard Connelly
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