Wicked Orchestra Seats For Only 25 Bucks? If You're Feeling Lucky

Wicked, the Broadway musical that's become extremely popular among tween and teen girls, is coming to Houston, and -- thanks to the economy, we guess -- Broadway Across America is going to a cheap-seat method that could be a lifesaver for parents.

Each night before a performance, an in-person lottery will be held for a limited number of $25 orchestra seats, BAA spokeswoman Laura Prus said today. Twenty-five bucks may sound like a lot if you're comparing it to a movie ticket (although not so much in these 3-D days), but it's pretty darn cheap for an orchestra seat for a Broadway musical.

Here's how it will work: Each night, two and a half hours before showtime, anyone can come to the Hobby Center lobby and sign up for the lottery.

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A half hour later, names will be drawn -- a limited number, which will fluctuate from night to night -- and winners can buy the seats, cash only.

It's fairly common on Broadway, but not so much here in Houston.

Wicked is the Wizard of Oz tale as told from the viewpoint of the Wicked Witch and Glinda the good witch in the days before the murderous Dorothy drops in on one of them. It's got music and lyrics by Steven Schwartz, and "Defying Gravity" is the most well-known song from the score.

It plays at the Hobby Center from June 30 to July 25.

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