Wilbur the Pig Can Live, Homeowners Associations Get Another Black Eye

Wilbur the Pig is a pet, not livestock.

With that august ruling, Judge Mike Engelhart stopped the cold-hearted local homeowners association in Spring, whose president will be played by a sneering Alan Rickman in the made-for-TV movie, from throwing Wilbur out in the street to a near-certain death. (Or maybe just to a petting zoo.)

"We won!" Wilbur's family, the Sardos, posted on the pot-bellied porker's Facebook page.

"The evidence is clear that these pigs have been kept and used as pets," Engelhart said, according to numerous reporters at the trial.

The homeowners association will now, we assume, move ahead with plans to shut down lemonade stands run by freckled girls, and harassing Iraq vets who let their grass grow an eighth of an inch too high.

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Richard Connelly
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