Jack London couldn't drop this kind of smack.

Wild on TSU!

If you can't get enough of the continuing saga at Texas Southern University (we mean more than just dish on ousted prez Priscilla Slade), there's a site for you. And it ain't for the easily offended, especially if you can't handle a liberal use of the N-bomb.

It's called Call of Da Wild, and it's wild, awright. We're not sure who runs the blog, but we're sure they're a little pissed. Consider this smack against State Representative Harold Dutton. Evidently, CODW ain't too happy with Dutton's recent commencement address, in which he "blasted" TSU's regents. Sez CODW:

Harold, you are just like all politicians, especially Nigga ones! Worthless. If you love TSU so much, why are you just now saying something "publicly"? Call Of Da Wild understands why you would jump on the Board for KTSU (George Thomas). That is your boy. You probably got tickets from his big sausage nose ass. You should tell ya boy that he needs to keep somethings to himself. You need to tell him to stop spending school money on bullshit (see archives: Blowing the whistle.....but in this case the horn).

But wait, there's more. CODW also presents smoking gun theories. In this case, it's TSU School of Technology's Joyce Lattimore, and her alleged use of a TSU Procurement Card for more than just school supplies. Lattimore's shopping list, according to CODW:

  • Walmart - $5.92
  • Garden Ridge - $63.42
  • Hobby Lobby - $148.54
  • Hobby Lobby - $70.95
  • Walgreens - $107.72
  • Walgreens - $12.88
  • Walgreens - $6.14
  • AT&T Wireless Services - $136.62

    Grand Total: $552.19.

    Hateful blog smack: Priceless.

    Lattimore is no longer at TSU, as of July 31, 2006. Interestingly, that's the day that CODW officially dubbed "Turn A Nigga In Day." For some reason, we can't find that on our Hang in There! calendar. — Steven Devadanam

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