Will Anything Ever Actually Happen to the Astrodome? (6)
Jeff Balke

Will Anything Ever Actually Happen to the Astrodome?

When it opened in 1965, the Astrodome was hailed as the Eighth Wonder of the World. Now it's a vacant building taking up space — and collecting no revenue — on the NRG campus.

Since then, Harris County politicians and voters can't seem to agree on what to do with the ol' dome. Here is a recap of our coverage of the Astrodome saga in recent years.

Will Anything Ever Actually Happen to the Astrodome?
Brittanie Shey, Craig Hlavaty

County Commissioners Approve $105 Million Plan to Save the Astrodome (Ta Da!)
After sitting vacant and in disrepair for years, the Astrodome is about to get the makeover, Harris County Commissioners Court announced Tuesday. County officials announced Tuesday morning that commissioners have unanimously approved a $105 million Astrodome Revitalization Plan, saving the dome from demolition.

Will Anything Ever Actually Happen to the Astrodome? (4)
Courtesy Reliant Stadium

Ed Emmett Can't Find What Is Wrong With NRG Stadium
When it comes to the Astrodome and NRG Stadium, Harris County Judge Ed Emmett finds himself a bit confused. He believed he had found a way to save and repurpose a county asset without having to raise taxes, and he was under the impression that NRG Stadium is a fantastic facility that held the NCAA Final Four and the Super Bowl in the span of a year without any complaints about the facility.

Will Anything Ever Actually Happen to the Astrodome? (5)
Eric Sauseda

Just Say No to NRG Stadium Renovations
The Houston Chronicle's stories about the desperate need to upgrade and renovate NRG Stadium actually started way back in February of last year. But it's only this past week that the true barrage has truly begun, starting with John McClain begging for Harris County to give Bob McNair whatever he desires, then Brian T. Smith telling Houstonians to face up to reality, then an op-ed from a freelance contributor on Monday.

Will Anything Ever Actually Happen to the Astrodome? (2)

Houston's Biggest Blunders: The Astrodome
It's kind of amazing, all the hoopla surrounding the half-century birthday of the Astrodome, when you consider the neglect it has suffered for nearly 20 of those last 50 years. It is abundantly clear from the celebration and the feel-good stories, never mind the sale of anything related to the Dome let alone seats and other formerly attached memorabilia, that people love the Eighth Wonder of the World, just not enough to do anything about it.

Will Anything Ever Actually Happen to the Astrodome? (3)

Is "Rebuild and They Will Come" Really the Best Strategy for the Astrodome Rehab?
"If you build it, they will come" might be a great line for a Kevin Costner movie. But when it comes to renovating the Astrodome, one would hope that Harris County officials could come up with a better plan, especially considering that the Astrodome is, well, already built.

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