Will Ferrell Proves Astros Minor-League System Really Is A Joke

MLB.com has a report on the newest reliever on the Astros' Triple-A affiliate, the Round Rock Express.

He's Billy Ray "Rojo" Johnson, an American raised in Venezuela who recently got out of prison for the "illegal importation of countless species of reptiles, including various types of rare snakes, lizards, iguanas, turtles and galliwasps."

As desperate as the Stros are for good pitching, they may take a pass on this hot-tempered guy: His first pitch last night went behind the batter, who then chased Johnson all over the infield. Oh, and he took a bag full of beers to the mound and drank some, and we all know Drayton McLane doesn't let anybody bring their own food and drink to the game.

When Johnson's extravagant mustache fell off, he looked a helluva lot like Will Ferrell.

Here's a report from a local TV station. Ferrell was in town for his charity golf tournament.

Really, though, Ferrell had a better night pitching yesterday than Wandy Rodrgiuez.

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