Will Ferrell: Win Passes To The Other Guys And See His Five Best Funny Or Die Videos

Will Ferrell has been a little uneven in his comedies lately -- Land of the Lost and Semi-Pro, for instance -- but you know the slump won't last. Not only because he's inherently hilarious, but because we've got Funny or Die providing all the evidence we need that he hasn't become some secluded star turning out junk because no one will tell him it's junk (see Myers, Mike).

The five best Ferrell videos on Funny or Die:

1. Jon Stewart and W

2. Das Pearl

Everyone knows Pearl, the ornery landlord who sparked an internet trend of people filming their toddlers cursing. Here she is with German subtitles.

3. Presidential reunion

It's kind of an obscure issue to get all riled up about -- apparently somebody at Funny or Die has banking issues, or really got screwed on a credit card -- but it's an


festival of former presidents. Darrel Hammond's Clinton, lerring endlessly at Michelle Obama, gets top honors, but Ferrell comes in a close second with the light-sabre work.

4. Welcome, Judd Apatow

The welcome music is epic, but things take a bad turn for the boys.

5. Green Team!!

Hey, motherfucker!! The Green Team is here.

Want to win preview passes for two to an August 3 screening of The Other Guys, starring Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg? Of course you do. Just e-mail hairballscontest@houstonpress.com with "The Other Guys" in the header, and we'll enter your name in a drawing. We've got 20 pairs to give away, so get your e-mail in by Thursday or the Green Team will be on your ass.

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