"Free T-shirts? Point that slingshot over here!"

Will Houston Get on the Bandwagon Already?

The San Antonio Spurs are a Texas team, four-time champs and the

best freaking team in the league

this year. They also happen to be stand-up guys and great role models, not just compared with other sports stars, but compared with anyone you might meet.

Tim Duncan

, Manu Ginobli, Finals MVP

Tony Parker

and perpetually dissatisfied coach Greg Poppovich work as a team to execute their many wins with grace and style.

I often hear Houstonians accusing the Spurs of what is apparently some sort of mortal sin: being boring. But being awesome takes hard work over a long period of time. One great-looking shot with maximum replay value doesn’t mean squat when it occurs in a vacuum and should not inspire admiration on its own. The Spurs, on the other hand, have much to admire in their humility, teamwork, and their great sense of humor.

So please, if we again see a situation in which the Rockets are out of the playoffs, the Astros suck and, well, you already know about the Texans, give San Antonio the chance to win your support. The national media is talkin’ dynasty here. Be excited for your fellow Texans (unless it’s the Mavs).

GO SPURS!!! – Julia Youssefnia

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