Will Hurricane Ike End Up Being a Houston Astros Killer?

According to the

Chicago Tribune

, MLB will be announcing today the contigency plans for this weekend's series at Minute Maid Park between the Astros and the Chicago Cubs. And it's noted that, since both teams have Monday off, a doubleheader could be played here on Monday to make up games that would possibly be cancelled. But that brings up the question of whether MLB really wants to fly a team into the heart of a possible hurricane, then have the team ride out the hurricane in a hotel.

Several seasons ago, the Florida Marlins were required to fly to Chicago and play a series with the Montreal Expos at U.S. Cellular Field in Chicago when Hurricane Ivan was hitting South Florida. And last season, when snow made games impossible to play in Cleveland, a series between the Cleveland Indians and Los Angeles Angels was moved to Miller Park in Milwaukee.

So, with both teams still in the playoff hunt, and with both teams not having a lot of time between now and the end of the season, I would expect this weekend series between the Astros and Cubs to be played. Just don't count on them being played in Houston.

And, of course, when I know more, I'll let you know. -- John Royal

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