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Will Tatum Bell Soon Be Stealing Houston Texans’ Underwear?

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It’s no secret that the Texans have a slight problem at the running back position. And it’s no secret that former Denver Broncos offensive coordinator Gary Kubiak has a thing for

former Denver Broncosrunning backs

. Thus, it should be no surprise that former Bronco and recently released Detroit Lions running back Tatum Bell is making

a visit

to Houston to meet with the Texans. He’s a perfect fit because not only is he a former Bronco who knows the system, he’s also an injury-plagued running back, which makes him a perfect match with Ahman Green.

However, if I were the Texans, I’d be careful about leaving any loose luggage hanging around Kubiak’s office.

For those of you who have missed the little soap opera enveloping Tatum Bell, well…

The story starts on Saturday when the Cincinnati Bengals decided to part ways with their former Pro Bowl running back Rudi Johnson. The Detroit Lions, who weren’t thrilled with Tatum Bell, gave Johnson a call and asked to stop by for a visit with the intention of signing him to a contract. Johnson arrives in Detroit on Monday and goes to have a little visit with Lions management. He leaves his two bags – two leather Gucci bags he received as a Pro Bowl player gift – outside of the coach’s office. He comes out several hours later to find that his bags are gone. Assuming that the cleaning staff locked the bags somewhere, he lets it be. After mentioning this at the press conference for his signing on Tuesday, the Lions security director makes Johnson aware of a videotape which shows one Tatum Bell picking up Johnson’s bags and leaving the facility.

Tatum Bell says that it’s all a misunderstanding. Knowing that he was about to be released, he went by the Lions’ facilities to clean out his locker. Supposedly, another former Lion, who had been cut Saturday, asked Bell to pick up his bags. Bell took the bags to a lady friend of the other player, and that woman returned Johnson’s bags to the Lions. Absent his ID, credit cards, a couple of hundred dollars, and his underwear.

Luckily for the Texans, Rudi Johnson is not pressing charges. This leaves Tatum Bell free to sign a contract and to suit up for the Texans. If he doesn’t get injured between today and Sunday, that is. But if I were one of the players on the Texans, and if the Texans really were to sign Bell to a contract, then I’d really be careful with my luggage. – John Royal

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