Will UH Try To Take The "UH" Out Of UH-Downtown?

Once again, it seems, there's a move at the University of Houston to change the name of the UH-Downtown campus.

Grumbling downtowners say that the powers at UH's Bauer School of Business are getting awfully proprietary about being THE business school in Houston, and they don't want the downtown campus diluting that brand.

UH spokesman Eric Gerber says the Board of Regents will take up the matter tomorrow, but only as a discussion item. As with most things in academia, no action is expected anytime soon. Indeed, the idea's been under consideration periodically for years, but a new, stronger push seems to be going on.

The talk is that a blandly generic name may be in the offing, one that tends not to emphasize the UH-ness of UH-Downtown.

"Renaming Options for UH-Downtown" is the agenda item, and we have a few suggestions.

UH-The Part of Downtown No One Goes To Unless They're Going To UH

UH-You Know, Near The Post Office

Big Downtown Complex Filled With Classrooms And Offices That Have Nothing To Do With UH

UH-Not Affiliated With The Bauer School Of Business

UH-Who Needs The Goddamn Bauer School Of Business, Anyway

Degree-Granting Institution In America's Fourth-Largest City

UH-Near The Jail

No word on whether these options will be put before the board tomorrow.

-- Richard Connelly

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.