William Park Denies Getting Banned By FINRA, Then Says He Was Banned By FINRA

Read what else we wrote about Councilwoman Helena Brown and her adviser William Park today.

City Councilwoman Helena Brown's volunteer "senior adviser" William Park issued a lengthy third-person press release today about himself, denying that the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority banned him, before admitting, later, that they banned him. And this was the least confusing part of the four-page release.

"The Houston Chronicle, the sex-trade-rag called the Houston Press, Fox Channel 26 News and their neophyte reporter Greg Groogan (who made a libelous [sic] statement when he called William a "shady financier") , all seem to have one thing in common: destroy the common sense conservative Christian voice," Park wrote.

Park continues, spicing in bold and caps: In ALL of those years [Park] was NEVER FINED nor had any "BLACK MARKS" whatsoever on neither himself nor his firms!"

And continues: "Not many, if any of the Council Members (sic), much less their staff members, have had the experience in the business world and general-all-around experience as what Mr. Park has and therein lies the problem, Mayor Parker and her cronies fear him because of his knowledge and experience."

Then he gets to the good stuff. The real denials. He explains he was banned from FINRA because he didn't request termination of his suspension by FINRA.


What he leaves out is that he was suspended because he didn't comply with a FINRA arbitration award -- namely that he didn't pay a woman who won a suit against him for several financial law violations. The woman, Sonie Kim of Los Angeles, brought the case before a Los Angeles County judge last April, who confirmed the arbitration award. Park was ordered to pay her $133,875. Her lawyer, Leonard Steiner, said he hasn't yet.

See the relevant documentation here.

But Park does offer a narrative flourish at the end of the release. After calling out every conservative who's wronged him, he drops a bomb: "The Secret Service raided William Park's place of residence in mid-February with intent on "taking-him-out."


He signed the release thusly: "William is the 'MOST INTERESTING MAN IN TEXAS.' William is available for radio talk shows, TV shows, interviews, etc."

We're sure you are, Willy.

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