William Radovan Tyler: River Oaks Teen Accused of Destructive West U, Bellaire Raids

He came howling out of the north, under cover of darkness, like a Viking raider of yore. And soon the legends passed among the villagers in the peaceful homesteads of Bellaire and West University Place would tell of a young man who knew not terror for his own. Nay, he knew only how to seek vengeance for his kin by inflicting sorrow, rage and property damage upon others.

He was William Radovan Tyler and he was 19 years old. His weapons: spray-paint, superglue, eggs and a potty mouth. He hailed from that land we call River Oaks. And this is his saga.

Okay, okay, that's a little dramatic...But the victims of his alleged multihome vandalism spree might not think so.

According to his own sworn affidavit on file at the Harris County courthouse, in the wee hours of June 8, Tyler went to a house on Arbuckle Street in West U and spray-painted words such as "fuck you" and "whore" on a Lexus and Toyota Sequoia he found in the driveway. He also confessed to spray-painting a "giant penis" on the house, dumping grass killer on the lawn and a quart of paint-stripper on each of the cars. He says he also painted something on the sidewalk and superglued coins to the cars.

A West U cop added that Tyler also wrote the words "cock," "dick" and "slut" on the house and said that there was not one, but multiple giant penises painted on the premises. He estimated the total damages to be $19,476.

Along with an accomplice, Tyler says he returned to the same residence and vandalized a Ford Explorer on July 1 by popping the tires, spray-painting the exterior and slashing the paint with a box-cutter. Police say the two men were responsible for $3,000 in damages for that incident.

In both the cases on Arbuckle Street, Tyler claimed vengeance as his motive. He told police someone in that house had been harassing his cousin.

Tyler is also accused of vandalizing two more cars -- one at a second address in West U and the other in Bellare -- on July 1.

He now stands accused of four felony counts of criminal mischief. His bond was set at $2,000 for each count and he is now awaiting trial at home.

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