Willie Nelson And Weed: Houston Teapot Party Answers The Call

Shortly after Willie Nelson's arrest last month for breathing pot, a statewide movement sprung up to legalize marijuana in Texas.

As our sister blog Rocks Off reported, the Teapot Party was headquartered in Austin (of course) and was looking to do big things.

And now there is a Houston chapter.

Jonathan Tiras tells us he has been designated as the organizer of the chapter, which includes, in addition to the above home page, a Facebook page.

We e-mailed him for more information, but it was before noon so we haven't heard back.

But the websites make their intent clear:

The Houston Teapot Party was created in response to the arrest of Music Legend Willie Nelson for the possesion of 6 ounces of Marijuana, while riding in his tour bus.

Our main focus is to raise money and awareness for the legalisation of Medical Marijuana and the Legalisation of the growing and Manufacturing of hemp in Texas.

We would also like to organise and inform the residents of Houston Texas with regards to the facts and myths of Marijuanna and Hemp.

The group has no connection with the Houston Tea Party, we're sure, except in that Venn diagram where weed-loving libertarians get involved.

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