Willie Nelson Will Not Get Off Easy for World's Most Overblown Weed Arrest

Discovering weed anywhere near Willie Nelson shouldn't count as a surprise, so his November 2010 arrest for possession in West Texas didn't figure to become a national circus.

But it has, especially when word first somehow spread that his sentence would be to sing "Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain" in the courtroom. (Prosecutor Kit Bramblett later said he was joking.)

Now a Hudspeth County judge has taken the unusual step of not accepting a plea agreement worked out by prosecutors and the defense, because she doesn't think it's hard enough.

The New York Times, of all things, reports Judge Becky Dean-Walker

believed that the county attorney, Kit Bramblett, was giving the singer preferential treatment because he is famous.

"He's supposed to file the charge he feels is appropriate," Judge Dean-Walker said of Mr. Bramblett in a telephone interview. "Not what he feels he should do for his favorite singer. It is up to the judge to agree or not."

Nelson and prosecutors had agreed to a deal where he pleaded no contest to a misdemeanor charge of possession of drug paraphernalia and would pay a $500 fine and about $280 in court costs.

Dean-Walker said she "accidentally" signed the agreement before she realized the defendant was Nelson.

"If Willie Nelson gets off with nothing, I'm not going to be part of it," she told the Times.

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