Wilma Johnson McQueen, 83: Just Another Coke-Dealing, Shotgun-Wielding East Texas Grandma, Cops Say

Wilma Johnson McQueen: Keeping the family business alive
Wilma Johnson McQueen, 83, simply took over her husband's business after he died. Sure, the business involved dealing coke, but it's all about family and tradition in East Texas.

Police weren't so sympathetic to the touching story of an elderly widow trying to carry on the legacy of her departed spouse, so they arrested McQueen this week at her Livingston home.

What they found, according to KLTV: 538.65 grams of coke in the fridge. Oh, and two shotguns, two pistols and two rifles. Probably his-and-hers sets, we're guessing, and each a blessed repository of fond memories.

KLTV got a look at the arrest report: "The report also stated that McQueen was arrested and admitted to her role as the middle man in the delivery of narcotics. She said she assumed her husband's role following his passing a year ago."

Well, she did have customers who were depending on her, no doubt.

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