Wilshire Village Tells Residents Get Out, City Throws Up Its Hands

Things are getting nuts out at Wilshire Village, that odd-but-strategically-locatedapartment complex at Alabama and Dunvale.

Swamplot and its commenters have been following developments fanatically, as city officials join in the chorus telling the few residents left they have to leave.

One resident tells Hair Balls of the crazy/grim events:

this whole thing is getting more and more bizarre...and i smell a turd in the punchbowl. most of the residents are 2 hairs away from calling in the 'national' media with what all is going on here. i'm trying to keep a journal but packing, storing and finding a new place to move within the next 48 hours is making us all insane. there's Cohen, there's Dilick, there's city official who don't know crap, city counsel persons simply responding to our pleas with trite "get an attorney". hell, if we could afford a freakin' corporate attorney, we wouldn't have any problems with moving

He says some people are hoping the city or the owner can help pay for the sudden move.

The Cohen and Dillick he references are among the cast of characters/owners/landlords/managers in the sorry mess.

No one seems to know for sure what's going on, just that they have to start packing and get the hell out.

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