Wilson Sauzo: The Last Defendant in the La Potra Sex-And-Drug-Trafficking Case Gets Three Years

The last defendant in the cases surrounding La Potra, a Houston bar accused of being the center of drug- and sex-trafficking, was sentenced to three years in federal prison.

Wilson Sauzo, 29, was convicted on cocaine-running charges.

Four others involved in the case were charged with charges relating to drugs, alien smuggling and prostitution in connection with the bar at 6100 Airline.

Three pleaded guilty, and one committed suicide while in custody, prosecutors said.

"Often, victims of human trafficking who are forced into prostitution or forced labor are also forced to endure living and working among alien smugglers and drug dealers," said U.S. Attorney Jose Angel Moreno. "This case, in which five defendants were arrested for various criminal offenses, illustrates the dark world within which the human trafficking victims are forced to exist until rescued or until they can escape, but it also demonstrates our continued commitment to rescue the victims and to prosecute not only the human trafficker but other offenders as well."

The other defendants included Carlos Cabrera, 46, Luis Urbina, 28, and Christian Javier Guzman-Flores, 21, who were arrested in October 2009 and charged by criminal complaint with conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute cocaine. A fifth defendant, Jose Martin Zavala-Acosta, 27, from Mexico, was charged with alien smuggling. Sauzo, Urbina, Guzman-Flores and Zavala-Acosta each pleaded guilty to the offense charged and Cabrera committed suicide.

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Richard Connelly
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