Win A Free Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince DVD By Answering A Few Not-So-Simple Questions

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As the release of the sixth Harry Potter DVD -- Harry Potter and the Half-blood Prince -- comes closer, it seems like the perfect time to review your Harry Potter knowledge.

Sure, you know the name of Ron's pet rat and his true identity, but are you a true Potter aficionado? Try yourself on the questions below and see if you can win your own copy of the movie.

Careful--these are over the books as well as the movies, and they aren't in order.

1) What is the password to the Slytherin dormitory in the second book, when Harry and Ron used Polyjuice Potion to infiltrate Malfoy's circle of friends for information about the Heir of Slytherin?

2) "Enter, stranger, but take heed, of what awaits the sin of greed," is the beginning of a poem inscribed where?

3) Fill in the lyric of the Hogwarts school song: "Hogwart, Hogwarts, Hoggy Warty Hogwarts, teach us something please, whether we be old and bald or ____ ___ ______ _____. Our heads could do with filling, with some interesting stuff, for now they're bare and full of air, dead flies and bits of fluff."

4) What clue did Cedric Diggory give to Harry that allowed him to unlock the secret of the second Triwizard task?

5) In the fifth movie, Cho Chang gives up the DA under the influence of truth potion. Who gives up the DA in the book, and did he/she do it against his/her will?

6) What shape does Hermione's Patronus take?

7) What question do the two Bones women ask Harry about his Patronus?

8) What private, intimate event in the sixth movie is a good deal more public (although still very intimate) in the book?

9) What semi-major character, whose most important moments are in the first and fifth books, is never seen in any of the movies? Hint: He/she is not a teacher or student.

10) In the fifth book, Aunt Petunia reveals that she knows what dementors are, then says that she heard "that awful boy -- telling her about it -- years ago." Who does Harry think the "awful boy" is? Who is he in reality?

11) After Sirius dies, what command does Harry use to verify that Kreacher belongs to him now?

12) What was inscribed on the sword Harry pulled out of the Sorting Hat that relieved a fear of Harry's?

13) On what principle of selection is the Ministry of Magic based in the seventh book?

14) What potion does Harry use, at Hermione's suggestion, to soothe his hand after detention with Umbridge?

15) In the book, what animal is Umbridge compared to? What article of clothing contributes to this sensation?

16) What is Ron's greatest fear?

17) What spell is Ginny particularly good at, so much so that Professor Slughorn recognizes her as talented?

18) What substance acts as an antidote for the effects of a dementor attack? Who first explains this to Harry?

19) What is Buckbeack's pseudonym after being convicted of savagery?

20) What object does Dumbledore confess to seeing in the Mirror of Erised?

Be among the first three people to send the correct answers to hairballscontest@houstonpress.com to win the DVD. Put "Harry Potter Contest" in the header.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.