You might want to break out that sweater this weekend.
You might want to break out that sweater this weekend.
Photo by Sarah Nichols on Flickr

Weather Weekend: Winter Returns

It has been downright muggy around here this week. High temperatures have hovered in the balmy upper 70s with clouds and occasional drizzle. We even set a record minimum temperature of 68 degrees this week. It has not been what anyone, even those of us along the Gulf Coast, would consider normal early February weather. All that changes on Thursday.

On Thursday, we'll see the first cold front in over a week move through the region. Morning temperatures in the 70s will give way around lunch time as the front passes. There could be some rain along the frontal boundary, but it isn't expected to be severe. The change will be dramatic.

Temperatures will begin falling almost immediately and the end result will be chilly and brisk evening conditions with lows in the low 40s. Change is most definitely coming.

Friday will be mostly cloudy and cold with highs getting only into the upper 40s to around 50 degrees. It shouldn't reach freezing temperatures overnight on Friday, but it will get into the 30s. Saturday will be about the same with clouds and highs in the low 50s. There could be some rain in the area early Saturday, but it will be widely scattered.

Sunday is going to be a reversal of sorts. Clouds will remain overcast but temperatures should climb up to near 70s degrees. As we push into next week, another front will cool things down by Wednesday, but we'll get into that after a chilly and gray weekend.

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