Winter of Johnny: Johnny Football Is Back and Partying in Hollywood!

Johnny Football is back!

No, not the Johnny Football who hops through defenses like a jackrabbit and throws downfield frozen ropes. Not that Johnny Football. I'm talking about the Johnny Football who flips over Twitter, who breaks the Internet.

I'm talking three in the morning Johnny Football. I've missed that Johnny Football!

As I said in my article crowning him last year's King of Content, Johnny Manziel has been largely out of the limelight (the off-the-field limelight, that is) since his, ahem, oversleeping at the Manning Passing Academy, and with the 2013 ongoing, that made sense the last few months.

But now the season is over, and so, too, is Johnny Football's social media hiatus!

Of course, our first JFF sighting of 2014 is not really a voluntary, self-generated Manziel episode, but nonetheless, it still counts!

Courtesy of TMZ, Manziel is apparently in Los Angeles for tonight's BCS Title game between the Florida State Seminoles and the Auburn Tigers, and he is doing Johnny Football things!

The 2012 Heisman Trophy winner was out hitting the town, and here's some of the footage:

My favorite things about these two minutes of video: 1. Manziel's handing the phone to a person who I presume is "Uncle Nate," his high school friend and social handler. We get a microcosm into the Manziel/Nate dynamic -- the conversation on the phone and the whole scene in general got too cumbersome for Johnny, so Johnny is like all "Here, fuck it, you handle this..." That's how it



2. The two chicks who are reportedly "with Manziel" could not be more of an afterthought to him and Uncle Nate (at least at this juncture). They may as well be a couple of cheeseburgers they just picked up at In-N-Out Burger. Hell, they might not even be with Johnny! For all we know, they may have just been hanging around Hollywood, saw an open door on Manziel's SUV and jumped in. Most of us leave the door open, and we get flies and mosquitoes. Leave it to Johnny to leave the door open and get two 22-year-old "models."

3. TMZ asked Manziel if he was going pro, and while it's widely assumed that his announcement is a mere formality, it would have been entirely appropriate and symbolic, not to mention AWESOME, to have a hoodie-clad Johnny Manziel announce his intentions to go pro in rogue footage shot by some paparazzi sleazeball outside a Hollywood club. Twitter would have looked like Heinz Field after Bane got done with it in The Dark Knight Returns.

Later that night, pictures showed up on Twitter of Manziel doing the tomahawk chop with some Florida State people at an alumni event, which will naturally send SEC fans into a tizzy because of the unwritten SEC omertà that, regardless of what SEC school you go to, you must root for other SEC schools, especially in the BCS Title Game!!

So there you go, Johnny Football is out fast in 2014, solidifying his spot atop my big board for the 2014 NFL Draft.

(H/T The Big Lead)

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