Wishlistr: An Alternative to the Amazon Wish List

As Christmas grows ever closer, I know that I find it extremely helpful to keep a wish list for friends and family who don't know what to get me. I don't really care about surprises when it comes to getting gifts. Better to get something I want off of a list I made than a ceramic elephant lamp that doesn't work because when you pull the trunk, the light doesn't go on. Way to go, Anthony Michael Hall!

The Amazon wish list feature is pretty incredible and insanely useful, but what if you find products on sites other than Amazon? It's possible, believe it or not. I know that many of you choose to buy everything from Amazon, including milk and underwear, but a whole world of delights await you on a myriad of other websites.

That's where Wishlistr.com comes in.

There are other sites that allow users to add items to wish lists from virtually any website, but Wishlistr's interface and ease of use makes it my favorite.

Once you are signed up and logged in, a simple bookmark added to your toolbar or bookmarks list does all the heavy lifting. Find something you really want, like a kick ass Rush baseball jersey (only $100, mom!), visit the page where it is being sold and click the bookmark. Wishlistr does the rest. You can even import your Amazon wish list so you can keep all your items in one place.

Once you have some stuff added to the list, you can set up your page that is customizable with various templates you can change as the seasons or holidays change. You can even create a customized URL so the link you send to your family can be something awesome like wishlistr.com/monkeyanus. Nothing makes grandma smile like a note from her favorite grandchild, monkeyanus.

So, make it easy for your friends and family this year. Don't make them try to figure out that what you really want is a lighted bocce ball set so you can play the sport of kings with your vampire neighbors on their own. Just add it to Wishlistr and let nature take its course.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.