Flying Tow Hitch Ball Crashes Through Windshield, Kills Woman on I-10

A woman died on Saturday in the second freak accident on Houston's highways in less than a week.
A woman died on Saturday in the second freak accident on Houston's highways in less than a week. Leonora (Ellie) Enking/Flickr
Another day, another tragic Houston freakshow car accident.

Around 10 a.m. Saturday, a metal tow hitch ball, propelled from an unknown source, flew through the air. It crashed into the windshield of a beige Ford Explorer on westbound East Freeway (I-10), penetrated the glass on the driver’s side and struck the female driver.

“Once she was incapacitated, the passenger (the victim's husband) grabbed the steering wheel and managed to guide the vehicle to a stop,” reads a prepared statement from the Houston Police Department. “The passenger then placed the victim in the back seat and drove to East Houston Regional Medical Center where she was pronounced deceased.”

The police haven’t named the victim, 69, and won't until the Harris County Institute of Forensic Services verifies the woman's identity.

Last week, another flying object – a wheel – killed a motorist traveling on northbound I-45.

As of the time this post was published, details remained scant on Saturday's accident at 13000 East Freeway, including why and how a metal ball took flight in the first place. Houston police are urging anyone with additional information to contact Vehicular Crimes Division at 713-247-4072.
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