Woman Stuck in Chimney Calls Cops on Herself, Goes to Jail

While most burglars likely would not call the cops on themselves in pretty much any scenario, that apparently changes when you get stuck in a chimney.

Early this morning around 5:30 a.m., Spring firefighters rescued 20-year-old Lauren Fox from the chimney of a vacant home after she had been stuck in it for 45 minutes and finally decided to call 911. 

KHOU reported earlier that firefighters worked to rescue her for about two hours before she was placed in the back of a cop car. According to the Harris County Sheriff's Office, they had to dismantle the chimney to free her. She reportedly told deputies that she tried to get inside the house because she was cold. 

And while most people in general would probably agree that climbing down a chimney is not a good move, that becomes an even worse move when, like Fox, you already have a criminal trespassing charge pending against you and have been placed on community supervision. Fox was charged with criminal trespassing on February 7 and had just made bond February 15. She was charged with the same thing again hours after her rescue.

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